Dr Barnardo created this enchanting garden village back in 1875. This beautiful and tranquil setting was the perfect escape for young girls from the London slums, in need of support.

Dr Barnardo originally received this charming site, then Mossford Lodge, as a wedding gift in 1873. This large estate was too big for the couple so Dr Barnardo charitably converted the adjoining coach house to accommodate 12 wayward girls. By 1876 he had built a village for the girls of 13 cottages and by 1880 this had increased to 26. He hired a house mother in each, giving the girls the opportunity to receive much needed support and guidance.
Dr Barnardo died in 1905 and by then a community had been formed of 65 cottages and 11 service buildings including a church, hospital and school. In his legacy a memorial statue still stands on the site to honour his generosity and kindness.

Today, the location is just as charming, it is the ideal haven from the hustle and bustle of the city.
All the architectural gems of this important conservation area have been respected. The church, with its iconic tower and famous stained glass windows remains and the clock tower still keeps the hour.
Owning a home here is also contributing to the Barnardo’s of the future and the sale of these properties are helping fund the modern day work of the charity across the country.

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